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How to get the most out of buying from Amazon and using the Amazon Discount Finder!Sorting through tons of deals, rebates, and time sensitive specials on an endless amount of pages just got easier. Brand Name Coupons brings the you easiest way to find the best #deals on #Amazon. Find more Amazon daily deals and coupons at our Amazon store page.Amazon has become America’s one stop shop for shopping. Its market leading low prices and convenient shipping options have transformed many retail box stores into showrooms for Amazon online deal searchers. It had become such an epidemic that popular retailors started to use different product model numbers to confuse customers.Amazon’s aggressive price matching and low pricesAmazon didn’t become the biggest internet retailer without doing something right. Amazon has an unofficial policy of price matching other top retailers. Consumers just have to sit back and enjoy the low prices without driving to multiple locations trying to hustle a store clerk at a brand name store to price match a low price, if the product is even in stock.Amazon aggressive price decreases controlled by a mix of mysterious algorithm and a big army of market analysts. Our deal finder connects directly to the Wizard of Oz working behind the curtain with technology and wizardry to deliver prices that are seldom beaten by other retailers.Secret Amazon deals and the jungle of productsThe first rule to remember while using the Amazon Deal Finder is that some products list an inflated retail price to create the illusion of a bargain. You must have knowledge of a product’s general price to better access if an item is a good deal.The Brand Name Coupons Amazon Deal Finder is a unique and clever tool for you to find the most discounted products without having to open millions of tabs and fiddle with code and you tortured address bar.The BNC editors have edited down our most popular deal tool by paring it down to three links per section: 25%+off, 50%+off, and 75%+off. We recommend using all three pages. This guarantees that you won’t miss a deal in a certain Amazon department.Amazon or its MarketplaceMany customers overlook the fact that Amazon the internet’s largest marketplace. The Amazon Marketplace allows any seller if they have enough stock to list their product to replace Amazon as the main seller on the product main page otherwise they end up in the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section.If a vendor is only offering a limited stock of items, it automatically is classified under the Marketplace section.Sold by and your rightsThe biggest drawback of buying from a third part seller whose product is not “fulfilled by Amazon,” is that the return policies are different and might require for the product to be unopened to not inquire fees and longer refund period. Amazon governs the marketplace vigilantly by weeding out bad vendors. After decades of servings millions of customers across the world, Amazon has created a perfect walled garden by covering all Marketplace purchases with its Amazon buying guarantee named the A-to-z Guarantee. The conditions for an A-to-z Guarantee:
  • not satisfied by the quality,
  • failed to deliver past 30 days (or 3 days past max delivery estimate)
  • the seller agreed to a refund and didn’t refund you or refunded a wrong amount.
  • The seller has not provided a US return address or free return shipping to an international address.
 Ultimately the claim covers up to up to $2,500 of the purchase price, including shipping charges. All items not fulfilled by Amazon do not fall under Super Saver Shipping. This means that delivery may cost more when buying from a third party seller. Shipping for certain items such as DVDs might incur much sharper charges. Shipping costs are always marked next to the price and no surprise extra costs will be added at checkout. Any items bottom bought from an international seller will take up to 4 weeks for delivery. Used items are also included in marketplace pages. Amazon Warehouse is the safest bet because Amazon’s return policy is very lenient. Customers should research third party seller reviews before purchasing used items. So you have been enticed by that marketplace low price, how do you know it is the cheapest prices? Amazon has removed their price parity clause which barred third party vendors from selling items for less elsewhere. It advised to check the price on the vendor’s website (if provided) If it is lower.Tracking past Amazon price drops and best pricesHow can you be certain that the product you just found with the Amazon Deal Finder is actually a low price or plainly a good deal? By taking an items ASIN or model number, you can search for historical price changes of any product listed on Amazon at CamelCamelCamel. This magical website tracks the price of new first party price, new third party price, and used price for every product listed on Amazon.  This turns bargain hunting a quantitative and calculated endeavor. You could verify all the deals found on the deal finder and decide to wait or pull the trigger.