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Bose Coupons
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All the full, natural sound of Bose in a new stylish construction! Best Buy offers the Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear in many colors for $59.99 with coupon code BOSEDEAL at checkout (must be logged in to Best Buy account to...

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About Bose

Bose has built a reputation for delivering quality products at accessible prices. For half a century, it has accumulated and protected significant audio patents that are unmatched in the audio equipment industry. The company has opened over 190 branded stores in the United States but it is also available at Amazon, Target, Apple Store, Best Buy, and many other merchants. It employs more than 9,000 people worldwide.

Founded by Amar G. Bose in 1964, Bose was founded as a way to create a sound system that would reproduce the listening experience of being in a concert hall. Having a MIT engineer as a founder meant research was always a cornerstone of the company. It later became the company’s slogan: “Better Sound Through Research.” In 1968, Bose launched the 901 Direct/Reflecting speaker, which was advertised as being the first to bring the concert hall to your living room by combining direct sound and reflective sound. It broke more audio barriers by offering the headphones for pilots, noise cancelling sound systems for automobiles and noise cancelling headphones for airline passengers. The Bose product range has expanded to encompass many new breakthroughs in noise cancellation and wireless audio: soundlink, computer speakers, wave systems, headphones, soundock, 5.1 system, 2.1 systems, and soundbars. In 2014, Bose secured a lucrative sponsorship to become the NFL’s official headphones.

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When do Bose sales happen?

Bose headphones and wireless speakers are the easiest products to receive at least 20% off. The large sound system are rarely discounted. The BNC staff has seen heavy discounts on Soudlink headphones during the holiday season. We do not recommend buying rectified or pre-owned products because of hygienic reasons.

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